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Our Services

  • Meditate & Navigate the Moon Phases

    25 Australian dollars
  • Tap into your Inner Wisdom where Astrology + Intuition + Real - Life E...

    2 hr

    120 Australian dollars
  • Revitalise & Rejuvenate your Chakra Centres through a Guided Meditatio...

    45 min

    50 Australian dollars
  • Schedule a Zoom call with Michelle to learn more about our services.

    15 min

  • Co-create your New Moon Intentions with Purpose
Make the most out of t...

    30 min

    25 Australian dollars
  • The Key to Clarity and Intuitive Connection: Cultivating Awareness and...

    25 Australian dollars
  • Boost Your Energy and Promote Self-Healing
Empower yourself by promoti...

    15 min

    0.01 Australian dollars
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